"Working with Stefanie is always fun and I feel my playing skills have
improved substantially with her help." -Hannah, clarinet student, age 13

"What does Stefanie bring to a music student? Total energy, positivity, a lot of great enthusiasm and encouragement, big smiles. It creates this motivation for the kids to do well." Ann Ravitch, parent of private student

"My kids love it. They sing it at home. I think it's a fantastic exposure to music and culture." - A parent of a world music student

"My son was very excited to tell me the words he learned in Portuguese. I would catch him sometimes drumming to himself and when I asked he said its what they learned in class. It was a great program!" - A parent of a world music student

"I've had the pleasure to participate and observe several Samba ensemble rehearsals and performances led by Stefanie. She has the unique combination of a high level of musicianship, positive energy and the ability to motivate and inspire all the musicians, dancers and participants involved. I eagerly look forward to future music projects and events that she's involved with."

-Ali Lexa - Music Programming Producer, Web Director - KPFK 90.7FM Los Angeles, 98.7FM Santa Barbara
Co-director L.A. Samba School

Private and Group Lessons

Stefanie has taught private lessons and led ensembles for over 20 years. She has experience teaching private lessons on clarinet and saxophone to a range of levels. She adapts her teaching style for all levels and musical backgrounds.

Stefanie teaches private lessons at La Jolla MusicKalabash School of Music + the Arts., and online. Stefanie also teaches Brazilian rhythm, song, drumming, and dance as a Teaching Artist in K-8 schools with the Center for World Music and Arts for Learning San Diego

Join her summer camps for clarinet and sax at La Jolla Music for a week of technique, endurance, improvisation, and a public final performance.

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