Choro Sotaque

Stefanie founded plays clarinet and tenor saxophone with Choro Sotaque which perfoms a lively style of Brazilian folk music called choro. Choro Sotaque performs this with their own unique accent, or sotaque. They are versatile in adapting to any musical setting from mellow background music to lively dance music. They are a monthly feature at the Croce's Park West and enjoy performing at a variety of venues in San Diego. Choro Sotaque also features Marcus Alcantarilla on guitar and vocals, Gabriel Arce on bandolim and cavaco, and Halysson da Silva on percussion. Stream their debut album for free here or click to purchase a digital or physical copy for $5. More info at


Restoration One

Restoration One is San Diego's state of the art Eclectic Vibration. Pulling from the best of Reggae, Funk, and World Roots, Restoration One uses its deep cultural heritage to draw out the sounds that will make you groove. The music is fresh, the vibe is positive, the lyrics are of a higher consciousness. Restoration One is an encounter.

We are an eclectic ensemble comprised of musicians of diverse races, ages and gender. Our music inspires higher levels of consciousness of the human being's relationship to the natural and spiritual realms. Ultimately our band serves to be uplifting and thought provoking to its audience.We love making funky music!

Our hope is that the listener leaves a little more inspired after they listen to both our live and recorded music, eliciting a transcendent feeling to the beauty of life in this expansive and diverse world.

Choro Sotaque

Choro Sotaque

Stefanie Schmitz - clarinet
Marcus Alcantarilla - guitar
Halysson da Silva - percussion

1. Choro Pra Teté - Samuel Rocha
2. Receita de Samba - Jacob do Bandolim
3. André de Sapato Novo - André Victor Corréa
4. Pipoca- Vinicius dos Santos
5. Day Tripper - The Beatles
  1. 1 Choro Pra Teté 03:25 Info Buy
  2. 2 Receita de Samba 03:22 Info Buy
  3. 3 André de Sapato Novo 03:07 Info Buy
  4. 4 Pipoca 03:05 Info Buy
  5. 5 Day Tripper 03:26 Info Buy
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Stefanie plays Brazilian percussion with San Diego groups such as Super Sonic Samba School, Maracatu Jangada, and her own directed samba groups.  Drum performances are available for hire for festivals, concerts, private events, and weddings.

And More

And always new projects in the works!  Current projects include accompanying local singer-songwriters on percussion, exploring jazz on the saxophone, experiments in choro fusion on the clarinet, Balkan music, gypsy jazz, tap dance solos, and a very special duo project: The Schmitz Sisters.